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Interview: Gabriele dell'Otto

Eduardo Risso and Gabriele dell'Otto
©2005 Günther Welky and Batmans.de

Norbert Elbers: Do you remember how many times you have been in Germany for a convention? I count nine conventions. Is it right?
Gabriele dell'Otto: Ten times... - seven in Essen and three in Erlangen.

N. E.: I (and a lot of other fans) hope we will see you lots of times here. Will we?
G. D.: I hope, if Marvel/Panini will be invite me all years.

N. E.: Will we see you in Erlangen 2006?
G. D.: Yes I think so.

N. E.: You are very generous to your fans. You give away really great sketches and artwork. Do you have a favorite character for convention sketches?
G. D.: I'm generous, because the people are generous with me, it's a pleasure to show and to give some arts at the conventions. I have no favourite character to draw for convention sketches! I love unusual ones!

N. E.: Have you seen BATMAN BEGINS? Your opinion?
G. D.: I love it, but in my heart there is always the first one from one of my favorite directors... Tim!! ;)

N. E.: Cammo draw now two issues for the monthly BATMAN title. Would it be something for you to draw a monthly BATMAN title?
G. D.: A monthly what?? Ah, ah, ah, I'm sorry, I think if I try to do a monthly title, people would be kill me! I'm too slow ;)

N. E.: Please tell us something about BATMAN: EUROPA. When it will hit in the shops?
G. D.: About Batman Europa, I can just tell you we are working on it! Maybe you'll see it the next year!!

Eduardo Risso and Gabriele dell'Otto
©2005 Günther Welky and Batmans.de

N. E.: I heard that BANE will appear in BATMAN: EUROPA. Will he be one of the good guys or will he become bad again? In the current (monthly) continuity BANE and BATMAN are partners.
G. D.: Bane, Poison Ivy, the Joker, the Penguin, etc, etc... I don't follow the monthly series... and the script is still secret.

N. E.: Azzarello will write BATMAN: EUROPA. Do you love his BROKEN CITY and his SUPERMAN: FOR TOMORROW?
G. D.: Sorry I didn't read them.

N. E.: Do you have a favorite BATMAN character?
G. D.: I love Batman, of course... and Joker, and Catwoman, and Gordon, and Penguin, and the Riddler, and... ok stop... ;)

N. E.: What will you do next year, in ten years? Do you have a dream-project?
G. D.: For the next years... I have good news, I have just two projects... still secrets... and dream project... I'm working on Batman man ;)

N. E.: Thank you for the interview.
G. D.: best, gab!

Gabriele dell'Otto was interviewed by Norbert Elbers on October 13th 2005 in Essen at the Comic Action.

[Norbert Elbers]

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